Did you?

Time where the rubber meets the road where the time is now to take faith and put it into action the time is now to put everything you’ve learned to the test to prove it to prove you to prove him You didn’t think you were just going to talk that talk and not haveContinue reading “Did you?”


I don’t want to admit it but I like challenges Life challenges the ones where you can’t deny why it came at the time it came Everything that life brings to you comes because it knows it’s time

Make Sense

It’s crazy to think that things that make sense only make sense for some things and not everything I often wonder why I know it’ll come to me because when I ask the questions the answers come

Some Things Need to be Fought For

I think I got my first “No” today I think I did It didn’t feel too bad I guess because I knew It was coming Everything worth having is worth fighting for Remember that Some things need to be fought for Ne need to worry because I know that it’ll be Alright   Too manyContinue reading “Some Things Need to be Fought For”