Can’t Bend Any Lower

I didn’t do the best sometimes I get down on myself because it could’ve been different I don’t know if they would’ve been better but I know that I wouldn’t be here and it’s hard to enjoy here when all the buildings are tumbling down around me because the foundation was shaky from the beginningContinue reading “Can’t Bend Any Lower”

Make Sense

It’s crazy to think that things that make sense only make sense for some things and not everything I often wonder why I know it’ll come to me because when I ask the questions the answers come


Everyone who you think doesn’t want to be there does Know that everything and everyone isn’t for the wrong thing Some people in the world are right But you have to pay attention and listen to your intuition because it knows it tests spirits


I told myself that I was going to try to stop pre-judging someone’s experience because we all experience things differently Who knows what’s going on so why even say what you think it is Ask or either don’t say nothing at all It either has something to do with you or not Do you knowContinue reading “Pre-Judging”

You don’t know me (Leery)

You seem to be in a rush Ready to pounce on a friendship When you don’t even know me You’ve heard me say some things that you like But you don’t know the depths of my soul You don’t know what I think about When you’re not around You know the stuff on the surfaceContinue reading “You don’t know me (Leery)”