InkMann Press Series –Letting Go Of Ego

Sometimes the challenge is to put ego aside; especially when you’re coming to know what ego really is. Old patterns and habits are hardest to break.


There are times that we need someone to bounce ideas off of and for many of us that someone is our partner or closest friend. When we’re looking to share we usually go to someone who has insight into the things that we would like to accomplish. Often we have the problem of  sharing at first because those are our most intimate thoughts about our hopes and dreams.  As I thought about this  I realized that I had to put down my ego if I wanted to learn and grow. I had to be able to hear the truth about my ideas, hopes, dreams, and whatever else I was trying to do. I don’t know if it’s because we think that we are submitting our best, or what. I am not yet certain that when the time comes for our partner or friend to challenge us to dig deeper  why we sort of feel threatened a bit.  Like we’ve been attacked.

It isn’t until we can understand that the person we’ve entrusted our most intimate thoughts with, would not hurt us. That the only answer has to be that they’re pushing us to do better. They are pushing us to do better because they see our potential. So. I’ve decided to do things a bit different because I believe that the person that I’ve chosen to be on my team, wants me to win. Why else would they be pushing me to do more and to be more.

They Have Been Given To Me

They have been given to me

All those lives that I touch

I’m supposed to write something to them that means so much

They have been given to me

So that I may touch their hearts

I’m supposed to say something that makes their lives seem less far apart

They have been given to me

Entrusted to my care

To give them hope in something that they might not ever dare

They have been given to me

To do as I please

Because the Creator knows for them I’ll quickly bend my knees

They have been given to me

And I can’t mess that up

I can never allow myself to think I’m such & much

They have been given to me