Following Your Lead

I want to go some place I want to see some things I want to see more I don’t know where it is that I want to go Or Even what direction to go in I’m literally following your lead I’m trusting in where you’re taking me And I’m glad to go

I got lost

I’m not sure I know What really happened I mean I was there but I’m not sure It’s like I get I get stuck at a certain point And then I’m not sure what happens I think sometimes still why like what happened was it not supposed to have happened was I going in theContinue reading “I got lost”

I’m Next In Line

The other day while driving I was forced to stop at the railroad tracks while a train was passing. I thought to myself “Well, let me put my car in park, we’re probably going to be here awhile.” I’m not sure how long the car two cars ahead of me had been in line butContinue reading “I’m Next In Line”

Don’t Go The Wrong Way

This past weekend I was driving and ended up going the wrong way on a one-way street. Driving against the traffic there was a car coming towards me that wouldn’t stop because I was going the wrong way; it continued to move towards me at the same rate of speed it was already traveling in.Continue reading “Don’t Go The Wrong Way”

I Said I Would

I said that I would I said that I would heed to the call when I heard it I said I would do it no matter what No matter how much fear tried to overwhelm my spirit No matter how much someone criticized what I am called to do No matter how much anyone triedContinue reading “I Said I Would”