Following Your Lead

I want to go some place

I want to see



I want to see more

I don’t know where it is

that I want

to go


Even what direction

to go in

I’m literally following

your lead

I’m trusting in where

you’re taking me

And I’m glad

to go

I got lost

I’m not sure I know

What really happened

I mean

I was there

but I’m not sure

It’s like I get

I get stuck


a certain point

And then I’m not

sure what happens

I think sometimes still


like what happened

was it not supposed




was I






And I had to make



I don’t remember

somewhere I get lost

It’s sad

because I don’t know


or why

I just get lost

I’m Next In Line

freight cars on train tracks

The other day while driving I was forced to stop at the railroad tracks while a train was passing. I thought to myself “Well, let me put my car in park, we’re probably going to be here awhile.” I’m not sure how long the car two cars ahead of me had been in line but about 30 seconds after I pulled up the driver of that car pulled his car out of line. He proceeded to turn his car around and go back in the direction in which he came. When the driver drove past the car behind me I looked over and saw the last car on the train about to pass the tracks. As the gates lifted I thought to myself “as soon as the car ahead of me passes, I’m next in line.” How many of us lose our patience with the situation we find ourselves in and get out of line only to find that after you’ve headed back to where you came you could’ve been next in line but someone else was blessed to take your place? Are you next in line?

Don’t Go The Wrong Way

One WayThis past weekend I was driving and ended up going the wrong way on a one-way street. Driving against the traffic there was a car coming towards me that wouldn’t stop because I was going the wrong way; it continued to move towards me at the same rate of speed it was already traveling in. In order to not get hit I had to swerve around the car and turn around to go in the right direction. Unnecessarily when I was going the wrong way I added obstacles in my own way and had to change directions at the sign of trouble. How many of us continue to drive in the same wrong direction even when there are signs, hints, clues, and flashing lights that tell you that you are going the wrong way? Are you going the right way?

I Said I Would

I said that I would

I said that I would heed to the call when I heard it

I said I would do it no matter what

No matter how much fear tried to overwhelm my spirit

No matter how much someone criticized what I am called to do

No matter how much anyone tried to distract me


I said that I would

I said that I would be obedient to your will

I said that I would do it no matter what

I said I’d do it even if you took me in a different direction

Even if I didn’t know where I was going

Even if what I started out doing changes

I said that I would continue


I said that I would

I said that I would do it no matter what

I said that I would do it even if I saw no end result

That I wouldn’t let my eyes disturb your vision

That I would only listen for the sound of your voice


I said that I would

I said that I would keep you first

I said that I wouldn’t get in the way

That I would remain humble to your presence

That I would stay in my place


I said that I would…