Talk Tuesday- Let’s Engage

It’s hard to engage people when you don’t want to gossip, just talking about people I want to talk to people who are trying to better their lives and know what are some of the ways they are doing it. We can be superficial on here and just shoot the *shizzle* but how much moreContinue reading “Talk Tuesday- Let’s Engage”

My Gift To You

There’s more than enough they make us think its not so they control us everything that we do can be bought but shouldn’t be Each one of us is different unique, in our own way our coding ain’t our DNA If we could reinvent the wheel because we are so different there is no competitionContinue reading “My Gift To You”

The Wiz

Needs are being met but I want to be on a different level so I write Not knowing what’s supposed to happen so I click my heels Like Dorothy in the Wiz #Kai2pointO

How We Really Feel

I think that too often we won’t tell people how we really feel because we’re afraid to hurt their feelings. We don’t give people enough credit and we say how much a person can handle It’s not up to us Tell your truth people are strong enough to handle it And if it does hurtContinue reading “How We Really Feel”


We both saw how they felt about me but I was teaching you how to be cordial to people who don’t like you you know I knew they didn’t like me They didn’t mind you but the idea of me was totally different


I so want to see it I want to see them all doing well at the same time I want to know if it was worth it I want to see that I don’t mean to be all about that Lord But I want to see that I’m getting weary I know it’s not likeContinue reading “Sacrifice”

To The World

It’s enough for everyone It really is We are all different we all have something we do a certain way that something that the Creator placed in you It’s your message to the world

Checking in with me

Sometimes I just wanna be by myself for a minute Just to think some old some new some different thoughts sometimes I’ve just got to check in with myself

Sense of time

I wanted you to come With me But You couldn’t It’s funny that when you’re young you can’t see too far ahead so you never know the sense of time And what to do with it A lot has changed I feel so different but the same I know it doesn’t make sense but IContinue reading “Sense of time”

There’s Been A Shift

Things are going to be a little bit different I can feel it There’s been a shift There’s been a step made I can feel it I love how it feels Just a little step but I can not only see it I can feel it Seeing is usually subjective Based on What it’s lookingContinue reading “There’s Been A Shift”