Talk Tuesday- Let’s Engage

Screenshot_2014-12-28-08-48-03-1It’s hard to engage people when

you don’t want to gossip, just talking about people

I want to talk to people

who are trying to better their

lives and know what are some of

the ways they are doing it.

We can be superficial on here

and just shoot the *shizzle* but

how much more do we know about us, about ourselves

if we did

what challenges are we over-taking

because we’re really

trying to do better

I’m trying to shape the

world I live in I don’t want

to go too long without conversations

that does more than skim the surface or

go just below it

Everything that I say

about you I could probably

find something like it in me

so instead of talking

about one another why

don’t we talk about ourselves

what we do and how

we can do better

and how we do, do better

Let’s start having some real

conversations about things

we might be struggling

with and maybe

someone has been through

it before and how they

dealt with it

how much better could we

be if we just lived


and tried to help each


we’re all on different


I know it’s uncomfortable

but we’ve got to feel


it’s what’s missing right now

in the world


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My Gift To You

There’s more than enough

they make us think its not

so they control


everything that we do

can be bought

but shouldn’t be

Each one of us is different

unique, in our own way

our coding ain’t our DNA

If we could reinvent the wheel

because we are so different

there is no competition

Never want what’s not


Be happy with what

you’ve got


no one else

has it.  (Merry Christmas)~KaiologyInk #Kaism #Kai2pointO

The Wiz

Needs are being met but

I want to be on

a different level

so I write

Not knowing

what’s supposed

to happen

so I click my heels

Like Dorothy

in the Wiz


How We Really Feel

I think that too often we won’t tell people

how we really feel

because we’re afraid to hurt their feelings.

We don’t give people enough credit

and we say how much a person can handle

It’s not up to us

Tell your truth

people are strong enough

to handle it

And if it does hurt their feelings

guess what?

they’ll get over it

and might even later tell you

“Thank you”

for sharing that with me.

And if their feelings aren’t hurt

you’ll get over it

when you have enough strength

and you’re ready

to make a change

and to do something


you welcome it

because you know

that when this comes

it’s just a test

and you determine the outcome.



We both saw how they felt about me


I was teaching you

how to be cordial

to people

who don’t like you

you know I knew

they didn’t

like me

They didn’t mind


but the idea of me

was totally



I so want to see it

I want to see them all

doing well

at the same time

I want to know if

it was worth it

I want to see that

I don’t mean to be all about that



I want to see that

I’m getting weary

I know it’s not

like others

who have gone through


than I’ve gone through


I think everyone’s level

of sacrifice

is different

To The World

It’s enough for everyone

It really is

We are all different

we all have something

we do a certain way

that something that

the Creator placed

in you

It’s your message

to the world

Sense of time

I wanted you to come

With me


You couldn’t

It’s funny

that when you’re young

you can’t see

too far ahead

so you never


the sense of time


what to do with it

A lot has changed

I feel so different


the same

I know

it doesn’t make sense

but I do

it’s wonderful

After I get to sit back

and look at it

and say

“It really hasn’t been that bad”

There’s Been A Shift

Things are

going to


a little



I can feel it

There’s been a shift

There’s been


step made

I can feel it

I love how

it feels

Just a little



I can

not only

see it

I can

feel it

Seeing is usually subjective

Based on


it’s looking at

How far it is





You can’t always

feel it


no connection

but there’s a connection


the eyes


the heart

It’s almost one

And they

aren’t that close

in distance

I can feel

that I’m

doing something


I haven’t done this before