Inside and Out

Love you on a daily Love you like my Life depends on it like you would open another door to another level that’s deeper than the last like if you just whispered in my left Ear I’ll feel it all over my Body Inside and Out…

I Want To Know Them

I want to know them I want to talk to them more not everyday but enough enough to know them Know who they are Not just their names And what they do but I want to know what they like I want to hear them I want to know the people that I love deeperContinue reading “I Want To Know Them”

Not Everyone Can Go

I wish but deeply pray that you could go with me on this journey I don’t know if it is possible for you to ride with me I know you’re not ready I wish you were I secretly pray that you were But you can’t You’re not ready to explore Explore the depths of yourContinue reading “Not Everyone Can Go”

Just Write: July 10th

I feel like I’m talking to myself. I know I can’t teach them if I don’t know. I gotta go deeper and remember what it feels like each time so I know. It feels just like this here…Good to my soul to just be it. I knew I always wanted it but I wasn’t sure ifContinue reading “Just Write: July 10th”