Let The Dead Bury The Dead

Okay, so if you follow me on Facebook you know that I post quite a bit of questions, “be mindful” quotes, inspirational flyers and posts to inspire thought. Recently I posted “Let the dead bury the dead”. This was actually posted after I was thinking about Easter and the concept of, traditionalized, and ritualistic eventsContinue reading “Let The Dead Bury The Dead”

Senses Heightened

My sense heightened I just need a minute to think time to get with self time to rub my scalp with my own thoughts how I feel about whatever I need to talk with me to see how I feel just to check in it used to overwhelm me I kept doing it then todayContinue reading “Senses Heightened”

A Private Island

Being on a private Island just a few of us Chillin’ Spirits high bodies low just relaxed Being able to do what we want whatever that is seeing beautiful lights from up high and then down low and how they light up your heart It ain’t that deep but I like it Some things shouldContinue reading “A Private Island”


    We say that we see but do we really we look but we don’t really see We look at the surface the stuff on top we don’t look hard, long, and deep We look just enough Enough to make an assumption we don’t look deeper to watch Where we’re no longer just lookingContinue reading “Seeing”

What I’ve learned about me

I feel like lately I’ve learned a couple of things about myself; that I don’t really care for small talk.  I love deep in-depth conversations where I can learn something new. I prefer a one on one where there’s two people talking sometimes one at a time and sometimes at the same time. I love that IContinue reading “What I’ve learned about me”