My Gift To You

There’s more than enough they make us think its not so they control us everything that we do can be bought but shouldn’t be Each one of us is different unique, in our own way our coding ain’t our DNA If we could reinvent the wheel because we are so different there is no competitionContinue reading “My Gift To You”

Eclectic Thoughts

In order to get out alive you have to have something spirit-filled deep inside of you you have to open up your soul and let everything out even if you got a second chance would you want to take it? Don’t get me wrong It’s not to say that I don’t love life I doContinue reading “Eclectic Thoughts”

Be The Wolf

What does it mean to be the wolf? Find out below.  

Me and You

I’ve tried to share me with you but I’m not sure you appreciate who that person is but I believe that I have to have her in my life because although she’s made some mistakes she knows the terrain and she can tell me what to watch for You can’t come this far and leave thingsContinue reading “Me and You”