Ability to Love Equals Consciousness

There is no real consciousness without love. Hear me out. Consciousness means the awareness or perception of something. You cannot be aware or perceive a thing if you’re not willing to really look at it consciously. To fully be aware or to perceive something you must care enough to look deeper. That caring is love,Continue reading “Ability to Love Equals Consciousness”

Hurt People, Hurt People

Something I’ve been doing all of my life intentionally is seeking to learn and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. As a Scorpio, transformation is part of my make-up. My sun sign sits in my first house so it is inevitable that I require knowledge of self to sustain a true sense of identity, purpose andContinue reading “Hurt People, Hurt People”

My God, is that me?

“At Some point, we have to open our own closet, look inside at the skeletons and begin to examine them one by one.” -Kai Mann Standing in the shadows of ourselves those in close proximity like mirrors hold images in which we can see ourselves through their actions. My God, is that me? Do IContinue reading “My God, is that me?”

Get Lost

I’ve often found it hard to fathom when people say “Ain’t nothing changed.” I wonder why they take pride in that.  And if nothing’s changed wouldn’t that be apparent and no need to speak on it. So, obviously something has changed but in order to not be different we are encouraged to stay the same.Continue reading “Get Lost”

Keith Young- Conversations With Kai Mann

Tonight we have an in-depth discussion with Keith D. Young, mental and spiritual transformation educator about how we’ve been programmed and how to affect the world around us instead of being affected by the world around us. Watch the show Wednesday, September 13th to get an in-depth understanding of transformation and astral projection. Watch theContinue reading “Keith Young- Conversations With Kai Mann”

Only When I Write

    Only when I write Only when I write Can I challenge myself To empty myself out onto a page and to be able to see see what that’s like I love the consciousness of it Like I can sit outside of myself and interview myself It feels so good I can’t tell youContinue reading “Only When I Write”

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