Radical Transformation

Shifting isn’t always easy… It is not easy to change you have to be in agreement with it in order to do so otherwise it’s a fight to the death but even when you’re in agreement sometimes the nakedness of the change effects you like cool air when you’re not feeling warm & fuzzy butContinue reading “Radical Transformation”

Senses Heightened

My sense heightened I just need a minute to think time to get with self time to rub my scalp with my own thoughts how I feel about whatever I need to talk with me to see how I feel just to check in it used to overwhelm me I kept doing it then todayContinue reading “Senses Heightened”

I Wanna Know

How do you do something so good that you weren’t going to be able to do anymore What was the purpose in that Did I miss something Did I get too comfortable Did I not use the gift as it was supposed to be used was I cursed like the guy in the Bible whoContinue reading “I Wanna Know”


It’s not that you enjoy negative feelings You get used to them and they begin to be more comfortable… Not good But familiar Anything else sometimes isn’t familiar but the more unfamiliar feelings you allow the more you have something New to become familiar with In order to replace that comfort You have to doContinue reading “Familiar”

Maybe You Don’t

I had never realize that there are some who don’t care to move forward or do more; that they’re comfortable where they are right now. I used to want to judge but then I realize who am I to judge. What I want, not everybody wants. Many of us want something different. Don’t make youContinue reading “Maybe You Don’t”