Being of Service Part II

Some people think you shouldn’t tell people that or people will try to use you Well Just because I love to serve and feel called to do it doesn’t mean I’ll let you abuse me either and we have to learn the difference between being called and being served Not in a lowly type ofContinue reading “Being of Service Part II”

Me and You

I’ve tried to share me with you but I’m not sure you appreciate who that person is but I believe that I have to have her in my life because although she’s made some mistakes she knows the terrain and she can tell me what to watch for You can’t come this far and┬áleave thingsContinue reading “Me and You”

The People Closets to You

I love that you can change people’s┬áminds you can give them something else Another way to see things Because they want to because they know there’s something more so they wanna know about it It’s funny how the people closets to you sometimes don’t see it I wonder why they don’t like its their jobContinue reading “The People Closets to You”

This is how you know

I almost feel threatened. Some things a person does who wants to be someone’s friend wouldn’t do wouldn’t make you feel like you can’t trust them. Watch what people say to you And how it makes you feel Your instincts are key Trust them God gave them to you to use So you do haveContinue reading “This is how you know”


Most times I am driven by passion. It is my muse It takes my breathe away It gives me hope to keep going To move my feet even when the ground is shaky It tells me not to be afraid Passion loves me It tells me to go on anyway in spite of and beContinue reading “Passion”