It’s dangerous almost

not knowing a person’s history

Just trusting them for  who

Who they are right now

Not allowing yourself

an informed decision

Something to use as a guide

To see how close or

how far

They are from who they are

From who they “used” to be

Because people can

They can change, stretch, and grow

But it gives you

something to

compare to

We want to know it all

So we can make better

better choices

And not limit or hurt


Why cheat us, right.

I Shall Rise

I Shall Rise

Love sought out like it was a drug

Alone but not lonely though

Mind filled with chatter

somewhere along the lines

the chatter stopped

I don’t know the exact date

I just remember the last time

I remember a time when I

was deep

when my thoughts were deep

Where I thought down to

the reason why I should do something

Or not

I don’t know where I stopped

I just want to be a little more controlled over my thoughts

I want to be able to tell

tell when one starts and the other stops


I just want to make better

better choices in life

I want to hear you when you talk

I don’t want to misunderstand anything you say

I’ve  made a lot of mistakes

I’m tired of doing that

I want to do something


So I’m listening

I am listening out for your words

I want to feel them so deep

That I know it’s you

I want to listen to myself

When I speak

I don’t want to listen out for the words only

I want to hear what I am saying

So I know what I mean

like you know what I mean

I just want to go a little bit deeper

I don’t mean this in a bad way

I just know that time is short and I want

to do better faster

I don’t want to waste

a minute

wouldn’t it be nice

If the world was that way

Just more real and honest