I Wonder How She’s Doing

I hope that all is well

with you

I pray

that life is going to

take you

on the best

journey ever

I think about you

from time to time

and I say

“I wonder how she’s doing”

with a smile on my face

no matter what

I’ve always

think of them

with smiles

and good wishes

It doesn’t do me

any good

 to wish anything else


Ego would do that

making me think

that I was the best person for them

So Open

Heart so open

it can feel

the pulse

of the world

it’s so open


it doesn’t care

it just wants to


it wants to


further because

it feels so good


love from

the inside


A pulling

A pulling of souls


that it

can only



it feels

so good

each time


goes further


it thinks

it can’t

go any


it’s love

it’s in love

it loves

It want to be


It loves that

Who I Am

I’m just trying to find out

Find out who I am

How can you know me

If I am finding myself

You just automatically know who I am

After this time

And it’s taking me over forty years

You can’t possibly

I just want to say it




I don’t feel afraid

Not really

I just want to

Just put it all down

It’s funny who wants to be there

But can’t

I just want to

To be there

Be there for it all

I feel so open

so free




It’s dangerous almost

not knowing a person’s history

Just trusting them for  who

Who they are right now

Not allowing yourself

an informed decision

Something to use as a guide

To see how close or

how far

They are from who they are

From who they “used” to be

Because people can

They can change, stretch, and grow

But it gives you

something to

compare to

We want to know it all

So we can make better

better choices

And not limit or hurt


Why cheat us, right.