It’s My Birthday

I don’t think it’s fair to know something that could possibly help someone else and you don’t share it. What I learn should be shared so that we can start walking more to an enlightened state, rather that ‘base’ thinking we are all doing. I say doing because we post all these wonderful quotes andContinue reading “It’s My Birthday”

Real Love

You could let life’s trials distract you into sitting still no longer to get up to move forward but to be stuck those who love you will never try to hinder your progress they know how important it is so they help you walk at the times you need it most reminding you of what’sContinue reading “Real Love”

Eclectic Thoughts

In order to get out alive you have to have something spirit-filled deep inside of you you have to open up your soul and let everything out even if you got a second chance would you want to take it? Don’t get me wrong It’s not to say that I don’t love life I doContinue reading “Eclectic Thoughts”

listening with my heart

I can see who you trust and I don’t know why you don’t or why you do maybe one day you”ll get to tell me those are the kind of conversations I’d like to have I’d just like to sit and listen with my heart leaving my head to lag behind just a little. listeningContinue reading “listening with my heart”

Think Like That

I remember when I knew there was more I was living on Rockdale off of Telegraph in something that shouldn’t have been standing but it was mine and it reminded me of me barely able to stand but I was determined thinking it couldn’t end like that I wonder if they know what that’s likeContinue reading “Think Like That”

Play At Your Own Risk

  We had some good times we were at middle and high school dances making up dances In the back yard learning how to do back walk-overs and front walk-overs Farting And ¬†laughing growing up and it was beautiful Those were some good ass times I miss that I seemed happier and I wonder whyContinue reading “Play At Your Own Risk”