InkMann Press Series ~ 2015

2015 came wrapped with numerous lessons, blessings, fulfillment and joy. While there were some difficult moments, 2015 has still been amazing. As today marks the last Tuesday in this year, I contemplate on the wisdom I’ve gained while spending most of my time cultivating and preparing for the next dimension of life.     AsContinue reading “InkMann Press Series ~ 2015”


Sometimes there are a number of yeses and all is good but there are times when there are quite a few nos and you can’t get distracted by a ‘no’ know that every ‘no’ is ┬ánot actually a ‘no’ more like a ‘not now’ we always want to go in but the best thing isContinue reading “No”

Let it Rain

{My interpretation} If he told us to be fruitful and multiply he must’ve put seed down in us in order to do so when the seed gets water it is destiny revealed but until that it is destiny concealed There are only two real seasons seed time or harvest time if your destiny hasn’t beenContinue reading “Let it Rain”