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Today's guest is Kai Mann of Eyeology Inc. to talk about her social media consulting and other services for authors.
Today’s guest is Kai Mann of Eyeology Inc. to talk about her social media consulting and other services for authors.
Midweek Motivation

Click on the link below to listen to my latest author interview with Fun(4)DaMental reading group!

F4DM Interviews Author Kai Mann

Check out my interview in the January 2013 issue of  Proud To Be Out Magazine! (Click on the words Proud To Be Out Magazine below)

Proud To Be Out Magazine

Serena Akeroyd-Fledging Romance Writer

Guest Blog: Kai Mann on 30 Day Notice!

Hey tweeps and peeps and everyone in between!

So, it´s that time of the week again! Author Interview Time! Yay! I have to admit, I love bringing these showcases of authors, who have made it. Who have a book on a site and have people reading their work! They have nothing to do with me, I’m not their family or their friend and yet, the written word binds us and I feel proud for them! That sounds soppy, but it´s true. I´m not envious, I just think, wow! Well done you for having the balls to get your story down and to have it ready for people to read. And today´s interview is no exception. I´m with the lovely Kai Mann!…. [See More]

Red Remote Show


Interview with Sylvia Hubbard Michigan Literary Network Blogtalk Radio

30 Day Notice- Being Evicted From the Relationship


30 Day Notice – More Than Just a Book Signing

“I lived in a house where there were no guns that I could see, how quick and easy that would’ve been. I remember feeling so alone. I couldn’t tell my friends about what was going on inside of me; I couldn’t even explain it to myself. All I knew was that I had been feeling like this ever since I could remember.”

So goes a portion of the Prologue of 30 Day Notice: The Eviction Chronicles Part 1 (Scriblical Vibes Publishing), the novel by new author Kai Mann. As she read from her book, we sat, eagerly listening. This is what we’d all been waiting for—to witness Mann delivering her book to the public.

It seemed as though she began promoting 30 Day Notice six months before its actual release. Mann had been a two-year student of Sylvia Hubbard, founder of the Motown Writer’s Network (MWN), attending the monthly Meet Ups, and conferences, writing, editing, and continuing to write. When she finally felt ready to give the book ago, she moved forward full-speed. Mann immersed herself in book promotion (without being pushy) to make sure we all were clear that her book was to be released soon, and her book signing was on January 15, 2012.

The day before the book signing, Mann showed up all smiles and energy at the MWN monthly Meet Up. She commented that she couldn’t speak clearly or think straight, she was so excited.

1917 American Bistro on Livernois in Detroit was the perfect venue for the book signing. According to Mann, she didn’t have to do a thing but show up with her boxes of books. That took a tremendous amount of trust in her event planner, Tyrone Jordan of TDJ Coutour.  And it paid off.

Guests entered a room coordinated to match the red color scheme of the 30 Day Notice book cover a prelude to the story inside the book. Tables were decorated with sparkly heart cut-outs. Red gift bags, covered in hearts and the 30 Day Notice book cover contained, among other things, a patchouli scented tea candle, hinting to a theme in the book.

Mann fed us the Bistro’s great food: BBQ and hot wing-dings, crab cakes (that were well worth a second helping) fruit, cheese and crackers and beverages from the menu. Mann even had her own specialty drink of the day: The Notice, which was of course, the color red. She made her guests feel even more special by offering five lucky winners gift baskets, which included her book, a bottle of something tasty and other items.

Mann, herself, rocked the book’s color scheme, wearing red, black and grey. She was the proud parent of a new book, which she confidently read from, and remembered to ask that after we read it, to please leave a review on

Check out Kai Mann and 30 Day Notice at or

SSW Magazine

Kai Mann Bio for online press kit

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