I Don’t Want To Love You No More

I don’t want to love you no moreI shoulda asked more questions beforebefore I allowed you in my heartbefore I said we’re closer now finding just how far apartI don’t want to love you no moreI can’t keep picking my heart up off the floor I can’t keep pulling arrows away from my chest IContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Love You No More”

I Can’t Walk For You

  I can’t walk for you although I would Even so, sometimes I wish that I could I wish I could put my feet on yours to lead the way Walk for you each and every day But you wouldn’t be walking your path you’d be walking mine Your journey would probably take a longerContinue reading “I Can’t Walk For You”

>Trust That You Have Been Prepared

> Photo By: Sergej Khackimullin  We don’t always trust that we have been made ready So it causes us to worry and be unsteady Not preparing you for your Purpose would be unfair Like sending you to a pack of wolves and not care It’s the same as a Mother who daily teaches herContinue reading “>Trust That You Have Been Prepared”