> I give you credit for existingI shout your name across the Mountain topsYou are the portal from my past who helped to design my future You are the love of that lifetimeA something that I’ve never hadYou were the best during a time of choosingMy Heart still extends through a Plethora of emotions IContinue reading “>Homage”

>Can’t Hold You Down

>Even though some things try to hold you downTry to count you out and pin your neck to the groundContinue on your Journey to pass the inheritance of your cupHold your head high and continue to look upEven when trials continually come your wayKnow that tomorrow will bring a brand new dayEven when negative actionsContinue reading “>Can’t Hold You Down”

>The Kai’ologist

> http://Kaiologywetyourintellectualtastebuds.blogspot.com/ Lauren found her dream laptop. Find the PC that’s right for you.

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