The Weight of Paper

To you I give everything to put my mind at ease Thoughts so heavy that I need a place to release A concession to thoughts taking over my brain If you don’t pick up what I put down I’ll go insane Disposing of material that seems to carry no weight Flimsy but yet so strong,Continue reading “The Weight of Paper”

Were You Taught To Think?

Not everyone has been taught to think Without thought there becomes a missing link We walk around the earth mindlessly doing No active thoughts to what we should be pursuing Souls lost roaming the deepest darkest caves No mental capacity we ultimately become slaves Rewarded for our inability to produce a thought Simply because weContinue reading “Were You Taught To Think?”

Immature Minds

Photo By: chrisharvey @ PhotoXpress Immature minds do not yield to reckless things Irreparable damage of abandon thought patterns bring Consequential actions that shower negative effects Caution thrown into the wind hoping somehow it’ll protect Limited vision allows the inability to see into the future Unprotected wounds in need of suture Lack of expectation isContinue reading “Immature Minds”