Divided We Stand

photo by: chrisharvey @ PhotoXpress     We have a division that comes from within I found out that being of the same color doesn’t make you of the same skin My brother not of the same mother hates me because I am gay. Once unified by race until he found out that I was thatContinue reading “Divided We Stand”

Tolerance for Pain

  As we mature our tolerance for pain seems to increase Experience acts as pain receptors that make symptoms decrease It’s not like in early life experiences where everything seems so dire Where everything was so right now and down to the wire with each incident our skin seems to grow a little thicker Every experienceContinue reading “Tolerance for Pain”

It Could’ve Gone Another Way

Photo By: Stasys Eidiejus Oh! It is such a beautiful day Just to think it could’ve gone another way To know that I could’ve missed the sun on my skin Or not see another day to begin To know that when it counts you have my back Even when I complain you still pick upContinue reading “It Could’ve Gone Another Way”