Missed Opportunity

 Photo By: Cristina Popescu @PhotoXpress I let an opportunity pass me by the other dayI let fear take root and ultimately get in the wayForgetting that the Creator has already made me readyPreparing me for days like these so I’ll be calm and steadyBut when the time came to confirm him at his wordIContinue reading “Missed Opportunity”

Power To Change Your Path

Photo By: .shock @ PhotoXpress Your path is a result of the foundation once laid It is the journey from which the bed that you’ve made A boy not ready to take steps to becoming a man A wandering soul without a conscious plan A dampened spirit effected from actions caused The rules were brokenContinue reading “Power To Change Your Path”

>Trust That You Have Been Prepared

> Photo By: Sergej Khackimullin  We don’t always trust that we have been made ready So it causes us to worry and be unsteady Not preparing you for your Purpose would be unfair Like sending you to a pack of wolves and not care It’s the same as a Mother who daily teaches herContinue reading “>Trust That You Have Been Prepared”