Most times I am driven by passion. It is my muse It takes my breathe away It gives me hope to keep going To move my feet even when the ground is shaky It tells me not to be afraid Passion loves me It tells me to go on anyway in spite of and beContinue reading “Passion”

We Got That

We got that kinda love that’s deeper than any depth That creep up on ya kinda love that’s soul kept That kinda get up in your lap and hold me kinda love Like that feeling you get from the breathe on the back of your neck or just above That kinda love that says IContinue reading “We Got That”

The Weight of Paper

To you I give everything to put my mind at ease Thoughts so heavy that I need a place to release A concession to thoughts taking over my brain If you don’t pick up what I put down I’ll go insane Disposing of material that seems to carry no weight Flimsy but yet so strong,Continue reading “The Weight of Paper”