I Can’t Walk For You

  I can’t walk for you although I would Even so, sometimes I wish that I could I wish I could put my feet on yours to lead the way Walk for you each and every day But you wouldn’t be walking your path you’d be walking mine Your journey would probably take a longerContinue reading “I Can’t Walk For You”

How do you see it?

Photo By: chrisharvey @ photoxpress You can always choose to look at a situation two ways: either positively or negatively. Why would we choose to look at something negatively? Is it because we don’t believe in ourselves? Or because we don’t believe in others? Or because we don’t believe in the Creator? When I getContinue reading “How do you see it?”

Power To Change Your Path

Photo By: .shock @ PhotoXpress Your path is a result of the foundation once laid It is the journey from which the bed that you’ve made A boy not ready to take steps to becoming a man A wandering soul without a conscious plan A dampened spirit effected from actions caused The rules were brokenContinue reading “Power To Change Your Path”