We Die A Little Bit Everyday

We die a little bit everyday Sometimes from the words that people say Not only from becoming a day older Sometimes from trying to be a little bit bolder We die to become comfortable in our own skin With the perceptions of others we seem to contend We die to let go of who weContinue reading “We Die A Little Bit Everyday”

Grace & Room To Grow

Photo By: mangia I see with my heart how good you are to me How you’ve strategically placed my footsteps right where they need to be I can feel the gentle pull of the direction I am to go And how you’ve lifted me up from that place below I thank you for giving me those mightyContinue reading “Grace & Room To Grow”


Photo By: Scott Maxwell @PhotoXpress Our lives symbolic of all that we have done Some lives lost…Some lives won We’ve answered no questions that truly have been asked We’ve wandered around aimlessly without fulfilling the ultimate task We’ve heard the wise words of the most Greatest But we conclude to something else that’s the newContinue reading “Symbolic”

>Holding On To The Past

> We hold on to the past when we are unsure of our future Fastening together past life experiences like stitches from a suture Jagged seams along past unhealed wounds randomly shows Old cloth and new cloth sewn together disrupts the pattern’s flow Material symbolically woven together that expresses chaos Moth consumed garments produces theContinue reading “>Holding On To The Past”