Tolerance for Pain

As we mature our tolerance for pain seems to increase
Experience acts as pain receptors that make symptoms decrease
It’s not like in early life experiences where everything seems so dire
Where everything was so right now and down to the wire
with each incident our skin seems to grow a little thicker
Every experience teaches you to rationalize things just a little bit quicker
No longer does the initial intensity of pain make you want to die
You realize that you’ll get over it and it’s okay right now to cry
After the first time you’ve been hurt you’re coated like an aspirin
It teaches you to be cautious so you don’t want to feel that again
Your next experience with pain encloses you like a Tylenol
Keeping you pain free for longer periods so you don’t lose it all
The next time you encounter pain it holds you together like vicodin
Resting in the acoustic sounds of the strings of life like a violin
If we don’t self medicate and allow pain do what it does
Not falling prey to these or any other kind of drugs
You’ll realize that pain is necessary in the evolution of life
It teaches you perspective and how to do things right


I have yet to heal from my iniquities
from their iniquities
from that time of hurt
but I still hold my head up high
as every day I try not to forget
but to forgive
to live
to give
to see something better for self
for those who are left
for me
for them
for those
I have not healed completely
but every day
the wounds that left scars
get lighter
as I bandage them with a salve made from self
from strength
from courage
to go on
to move foward
as I remember not to hide them
not to dress them in shame
but to take care
that they are there
to give them just enough attention
but to not dwell on the pain
that was caused
I am healing from my iniquities
from their iniquities
as the time goes by

Posting Bail

Photo By: Stasys Eidiejus
I no longer wish to live this life
I didn’t ask for the pain and strife
I no longer want to take time from work
To sit in a court as if it were a perk
I didn’t ask to be in this game
But because I left I guess it’s one and the same
Trying to raise people when they’re grown
Because they didn’t have the proper training at home
Having to sit and try not to worry
As if this was to be my life’s story
I try to always give the truth in it’s rarest form
Letting them know that this life isn’t the norm
Trying to define for them the life of a mistake
But my messages of life’s journey they’re not willing to take
Not wanting to see it from a Mother’s point of view
Not trying to listen to words that are true
I know that they’re trying to define their own life
But they’re headed for doom by not doing what’s right
It’s not as if they don’t know that their end leads to destruction
Statistically another young Black Man’s life brought to reduction
But for some reason their intent is different from me
Who says the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
Sometimes it rolls down the hill and changes into different fruit
Not willing to be legally successful wearing Armani suits
Not sure why they don’t believe that they are Kings
And why they aren’t willing to go after their dreams
Victims uncertain of their own worth
Even though they’ve been told since birth
Not sure why they don’t even get who they are
Why they choose so different by going so far
Doing no wrong I still feel like I’m in jail
Reneging early in life no longer able to post bail
I can no longer hold on to this guilt
Not willing to continue upon the foundation once built
It’s now time that they take full responsibility
Live in the truth of their own capabilities
Their lives are no longer for me to be responsible for
They’re old enough to walk through their chosen door
I’m no longer willing to sit in the jail
I no longer plead the fifth…I’m ready to post bail