Keep Going

You have to keep going even when no one’s on your side Even when you feel like giving up or running to hide You have to keep planting seeds even though there’s no evidence of fruit Even when the harvest is bare and looks destitute You have to keep going even if it seems you’reContinue reading “Keep Going”

Dropping Something In Your Spirit

I want to drop something in your spirit Will you listen? Will you hear it? I want to tell you about where you’re going Don’t get confused by what the journey is showing Know that you come from royal blood Although right now you’re just a bud But as the sunlight and the rain makesContinue reading “Dropping Something In Your Spirit”

>Today Prepares Me For My Tomorrow

>  Today prepares me for my tomorrow If I am mindful enough to take in and accept the messages that are whispered to me today My Heart, my Mind, and my Soul will begin to open If I listen for the messages that gently whisper when something is not exact And have the courage enoughContinue reading “>Today Prepares Me For My Tomorrow”