Life In Heavy Rotation

Photo By: Peter Hires Images

Some things cannot be broken
It’s deeply rooted
The feelings mutual
Life is always on heavy rotation
Its beauty
Its passion
It’s in synchronicity
Always in the same pattern
Life’s harmony is Beautiful in all its array
It is more than breathing
Life is reaching out to us as we are
Life is us…it is we…its how we be

Sun, Air, & Water

Iwonder if he knows he’s the Sun because he brightens up my day
Thateven when it’s cloudy outside I know the Sun never goes away
Sometimeshiding behind the clouds waiting for his turn to shine
Brandinga bright and sunny smile to show he doesn’t really mind
Iwonder if he knows that without him I simply cannot grow
Thesun on my face allows the light in me to show
Iwonder if he knows he’s the Air breathed directly from my lungs
Thefirst time that I breathed him in instantly I was sprung
Sometimesoverwhelming the air may seem to be too much
ButI wouldn’t trade him in for the Moon’s winning touch
Iwonder if knows that without him there’d be no aspiration
Nolonger would I be able to continue the act of respiration
Iwonder if he knows he’s the Water that rushes through every cell
Andif he weren’t around I’d have no other place to dwell
Hisnourishment to my body his contents seems to contain
Idon’t think he understands that he is all that I pertain
Iwonder if he knows that without him there is no hydration
Andwithout his simple flow I’d be in a fluid less situation.
Iwonder if he knows that in my heart this is what he represents
Andwithout him alone I can’t live life to its fullest extent

Posting Bail

Photo By: Stasys Eidiejus
I no longer wish to live this life
I didn’t ask for the pain and strife
I no longer want to take time from work
To sit in a court as if it were a perk
I didn’t ask to be in this game
But because I left I guess it’s one and the same
Trying to raise people when they’re grown
Because they didn’t have the proper training at home
Having to sit and try not to worry
As if this was to be my life’s story
I try to always give the truth in it’s rarest form
Letting them know that this life isn’t the norm
Trying to define for them the life of a mistake
But my messages of life’s journey they’re not willing to take
Not wanting to see it from a Mother’s point of view
Not trying to listen to words that are true
I know that they’re trying to define their own life
But they’re headed for doom by not doing what’s right
It’s not as if they don’t know that their end leads to destruction
Statistically another young Black Man’s life brought to reduction
But for some reason their intent is different from me
Who says the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
Sometimes it rolls down the hill and changes into different fruit
Not willing to be legally successful wearing Armani suits
Not sure why they don’t believe that they are Kings
And why they aren’t willing to go after their dreams
Victims uncertain of their own worth
Even though they’ve been told since birth
Not sure why they don’t even get who they are
Why they choose so different by going so far
Doing no wrong I still feel like I’m in jail
Reneging early in life no longer able to post bail
I can no longer hold on to this guilt
Not willing to continue upon the foundation once built
It’s now time that they take full responsibility
Live in the truth of their own capabilities
Their lives are no longer for me to be responsible for
They’re old enough to walk through their chosen door
I’m no longer willing to sit in the jail
I no longer plead the fifth…I’m ready to post bail

>Trust That You Have Been Prepared


Photo By: Sergej Khackimullin

We don’t always trust that we have been made ready
So it causes us to worry and be unsteady
Not preparing you for your Purpose would be unfair
Like sending you to a pack of wolves and not care
It’s the same as a Mother who daily teaches her child
She molds them into a state of being docile
Or like the Father who prepares his son to be a Man
Teaching him that when he fights, he also must stand
You wouldn’t send your child out without some lessons
Without giving them the tools and your blessings
Sometimes we let fear remind us of what we don’t have
Forgetting everything that the Creator has already laid in our path
It’s not always true that we must have the highest of education
Sometimes life experience is enough to be victorious over the situation
The Creator may do some things that may seem unfair
Like putting you above someone with experience but did not prepare
Your life has made you ready for this chance
Affording you the opportunity to succeed and advance
With all that seems like faults and imperfections
The Creator has granted you immunity and protection
So don’t let anything make you feel like this isn’t yours
Because the Creator has already prepared you and opened up some doors
Simply walk towards them and rejoice
Follow the direction of the Creator’s voice
Don’t let fear distract you from this course
Know that you have been prepared by the highest Source!