The Sun is King

 The Sun is King   I wait for you to take your place every morning I get excited by the hint of the moon’s warning I wait for you to shine upon the world so bright Patiently waiting for the first sign of light I wait for you to shine when the darkness isContinue reading “The Sun is King”

I Call You King

I call you King but if you never learn who you are what does that mean I call you warrior cause in you I see the fight But I also see the weakness that’s necessary like what day is to nightI call you messenger and hope for allbut if you desecrate your gift you rejectContinue reading “I Call You King”

A Poem For You

I appreciate how you not only honor me but how you honor GodAnd how you have my back most when times are hardI love how you love the word just as much as I doAnd how you realize that its better to always remain trueAnd how you are a Godly woman who loves me withoutContinue reading “A Poem For You”