Abandoned Property part II of the Eviction Chronicles

Coming June 14, 2013
Kori, Jerard, Darius, Jay, Layla, Karina, and Coco all have something in common; they’ve been abandoned. Even though their issues of abandonment stem from some of the same situations, how they play out is different in nature. Whether it’s Kori’s guilt and shame, Jerard’s revolving door of relationships, Darius’ daddy issues, Karina’s attention seeking, Layla’s insecurities and self-doubt, Jay’s fear of being abandoned, or Coco’s trust issues; they all allow their issues to manifest negatively in all of their relationships.

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Tune in on April 26th at 6pm as I talk about my new novel 30 Day Notice on the blogtalk radio show “The Relationship Party’ @ www.wxrpradio.comor listen in by calling 347-633-9769.

It Could’ve Gone Another Way

Photo By: Stasys Eidiejus
Oh! It is such a beautiful day
Just to think it could’ve gone another way
To know that I could’ve missed the sun on my skin
Or not see another day to begin
To know that when it counts you have my back
Even when I complain you still pick up my slack
Letting me know that you’ve got the wheel
And that it’s important for me not to lose my zeal
Just to know you’re always thinking of me
No matter where I might be
You simply remind me why I am here
Your words so beautifully clear
Not allowing anything to take me out
You’re showing me what true Love’s all about
I have never had anyone to love me like you do
It’s better than the love of many and maybe even a few
I thank you for loving me like you do


Photo By: csourav
Someone’s story may not always be beautiful or even cute
But the honesty in the words may reflect someones truth
Some stories however hard to write or even tell
Will shed light on a place where they used to dwell
Some words may honestly be hard to hear let alone read
Like fresh wounds re-opened that still tend to bleed
But sharing with others may save someones life
Even when the words feel like self sacrifice
To dismiss someones story because you may not comprehend
A life that you surely never had to contend
Seeing someone’s pain if only but for a moment
Can let you in to a place where they felt torment
Giving you a better understanding of where they come from
And the reasons as to why some actions make them seem numb
We should never discount anothers story because of the words they choose
But look for the real meaning to light our fuse
So that we may recognize it in someone else’s life
We can help them to make better choices that are right

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You have now entered my world! Walk with me as I experience the best time of my life. I have just finished my 1st fiction novel “Thirty Day Notice” and I’m excited about all of the possibilities lending themselves to my Journey. As a writer, I am realizing the significance of who I am and what I have to offer to the world; my thoughts and my voice. I can’t wait for you to experience the book when it is finalized in December of 2011. I know that you will enjoy “Thirty Day Notice” and all that it has to offer. I have a new publishing company where I will begin to publish books that usher into the universe a vibrational change of scribilical proportion. I ask you to join me on all of my writing excursions as the next couple of years will be an exciting time of a series of books to follow. As I write, I ask you to come along with me on the Journey! ~Peace & Blessings!