I Don’t Want To Love You No More

I don’t want to love you no moreI shoulda asked more questions beforebefore I allowed you in my heartbefore I said we’re closer now finding just how far apartI don’t want to love you no moreI can’t keep picking my heart up off the floor I can’t keep pulling arrows away from my chest IContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Love You No More”

My Heart Won’t Break

Photo By: JaNo My Heart won’t break it’ll only bend Stretching farther than any other muscle it’ll fully extend My heart won’t crumble into a million pieces It’ll fold a little and still have room in the creases My heart isn’t like glass it won’t shatter It may get a little worn and feel aContinue reading “My Heart Won’t Break”

Grace & Room To Grow

Photo By: mangia I see with my heart how good you are to me How you’ve strategically placed my footsteps right where they need to be I can feel the gentle pull of the direction I am to go And how you’ve lifted me up from that place below I thank you for giving me those mightyContinue reading “Grace & Room To Grow”

Missed Opportunity

 Photo By: Cristina Popescu @PhotoXpress I let an opportunity pass me by the other dayI let fear take root and ultimately get in the wayForgetting that the Creator has already made me readyPreparing me for days like these so I’ll be calm and steadyBut when the time came to confirm him at his wordIContinue reading “Missed Opportunity”