I Am Learning

I am learning… I am learning to listen to me Learning to hear what I think Learning to put what I hear into action I am learning to respond to the lessons of life I am learning to make fewer mistakes like I did yesterday I am learning to take it all in as itContinue reading “I Am Learning”

Dropping Something In Your Spirit

I want to drop something in your spirit Will you listen? Will you hear it? I want to tell you about where you’re going Don’t get confused by what the journey is showing Know that you come from royal blood Although right now you’re just a bud But as the sunlight and the rain makesContinue reading “Dropping Something In Your Spirit”

How Could You?

How could you love someone and not know who they are How could you pay attention to their essence up close if you’re so far How could you not hear the words that go unspoken How could you allow their spirit to become broken How could you not love so deep as to hear HowContinue reading “How Could You?”