I have to be for me…

I have to be for me… I am who I’ve been waiting for I am the one who I have longed for I am the one who will rescue me Not because of who I am but because of who he is And what he has given me The self that I have to dependContinue reading “I have to be for me…”

Thirty Day (Review)

What a good and thought-provoking story. I found that I was questioning myself throughout the book: Am I living a lie? Am I living the life that I think I should? I love books that spark something in me causing me to dig deep. Like you, I too believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.Continue reading “Thirty Day (Review)”

>Planting Seeds & Producing Fruit

> Photo By: Valeriy Kirsanov Seeds carried with me wherever I go Sometimes they’re planted so deep that the fruit takes a while to show Removing the weeds from the uncultivated parts of my mind When the harvest approaches it’s right on time Seeds enriched with the best process of fertilization Carefully developed and maturedContinue reading “>Planting Seeds & Producing Fruit”

>When Others Grow & Expand

> When we watch others grow and expandWe can’t use that as a time to reprimandBut to recognize it as the beginning of growthGive them credit for stepping out of the boatOr realize that energy might not be newMaybe they never felt comfortable to share that side with youSo we shouldn’t challenge or put themContinue reading “>When Others Grow & Expand”