Failure To Connect

Our spirits fail to be connected Unequally yoked and morally rejected Consequences of lustful stipulations Financial gains of higher anticipations Never taught the spiritual laws The effects have damaged the emotional cause Forever awaiting an ultimate change With every year the heart becomes strained Stretched beyond its own capacity Wondering what ever gave us theContinue reading “Failure To Connect”

We Are At War

Even though the sun is shining we are at war Our minds are being taken into captivity like never before Mayhem is the ultimate result from the battle We’re being led to the slaughter like a herd of cattle Our minds have been skillfully overtaken Knowledge has been stolen and our foundation shaken Common senseContinue reading “We Are At War”

Power To Change Your Path

Photo By: .shock @ PhotoXpress Your path is a result of the foundation once laid It is the journey from which the bed that you’ve made A boy not ready to take steps to becoming a man A wandering soul without a conscious plan A dampened spirit effected from actions caused The rules were brokenContinue reading “Power To Change Your Path”