We Die A Little Bit Everyday

We die a little bit everyday Sometimes from the words that people say Not only from becoming a day older Sometimes from trying to be a little bit bolder We die to become comfortable in our own skin With the perceptions of others we seem to contend We die to let go of who weContinue reading “We Die A Little Bit Everyday”

Dropping Something In Your Spirit

I want to drop something in your spirit Will you listen? Will you hear it? I want to tell you about where you’re going Don’t get confused by what the journey is showing Know that you come from royal blood Although right now you’re just a bud But as the sunlight and the rain makesContinue reading “Dropping Something In Your Spirit”

Should we have it all?

Scott Maxwell @PhotoXpress Does anyone really have it all If we did what would be our resolve If we had everything there would be nothing left to chase No more dreams to think of no more memories to replace Nothing left in this world that we could be taught Nothing else to look forward toContinue reading “Should we have it all?”