I have to be for me…

I have to be for me… I am who I’ve been waiting for I am the one who I have longed for I am the one who will rescue me Not because of who I am but because of who he is And what he has given me The self that I have to dependContinue reading “I have to be for me…”

I Call You King

I call you King but if you never learn who you are what does that mean I call you warrior cause in you I see the fight But I also see the weakness that’s necessary like what day is to nightI call you messenger and hope for allbut if you desecrate your gift you rejectContinue reading “I Call You King”

That Doesn’t Belong To Me

The things you say about me belongs to you I will not take them in, swallow, and then chew I will not respond with words because there’s something you don’t like Choosing my battles wisely for that I definitely won’t fight The Creator has given me different eyes to see So I recognize that whatContinue reading “That Doesn’t Belong To Me”

How do you see it?

Photo By: chrisharvey @ photoxpress You can always choose to look at a situation two ways: either positively or negatively. Why would we choose to look at something negatively? Is it because we don’t believe in ourselves? Or because we don’t believe in others? Or because we don’t believe in the Creator? When I getContinue reading “How do you see it?”

Missed Opportunity

 Photo By: Cristina Popescu @PhotoXpress I let an opportunity pass me by the other dayI let fear take root and ultimately get in the wayForgetting that the Creator has already made me readyPreparing me for days like these so I’ll be calm and steadyBut when the time came to confirm him at his wordIContinue reading “Missed Opportunity”