30 Day Notice Book Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars I’m glad she wrote Abandoned Property, September 2, 2014
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This review is from: 30 Day Notice: The Eviction Chronicles (Paperback)
After learning that this book had a prequel that she titled Abandoned Property that is now available, I had to revisit 30 Day Notice to read it a second time to prepare for what the author has in store. Kai has a way of taking the reader on a journey as the main character goes through MANY life obstacles that so many have experienced in their own lives, as well as some that others have only heard people go through. Her imagination and the way she tells a story will definitely keep your eyes glued to the pages, and when you’ve reached that last one, you’re desperately looking for the next. I’m glad she wrote Abandoned Property, for those of us who were left wondering. I highly recommend this book and will suggest that you pick up the Abandoned Property as well.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great book, April 19, 2014
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This review is from: 30 Day Notice (The Eviction Chronicles Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I enjoyed this book immensely!!! Beginning to end it kept me wanting more…..
reading part 2 now I hope it’s as good…
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5.0 out of 5 stars Every one loves some, Some people just love too hard., November 17, 2013
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This review is from: 30 Day Notice (The Eviction Chronicles Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Have you ever loved hard? Love is something that has no prejudice, it hits women and men.
Kori Maitland love with a passion and tenderness that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. This feisty heroine makes you just want to shake her and say “Stop already”.
In this novel by Kai Mann, we learn you can love someone so hard that they can cause you to lose your faith in your feelings. Author Kai Mann has written a novel that makes us all sit back and take a look at love. Love the emotion and love that drives us crazy. Love also as a loss. You think will you love so hard that you don’t see the “30 Day Notice” coming.
This book continues with “Abandon Property: The Eviction Chronicles (2) Volume 2.
I give this book 4 ½ Sapphires out of 5.

3.0 out of 5 stars Her Truths, May 12, 2013
This review is from: 30 Day Notice: The Eviction Chronicles (Paperback)
Kori Maitland is suffering through a breakup, semi unemployment, and homelessness. Although saddened by life’s tragic events, Kori finds herself keeping all of the pain bottled up inside of her. One day she finally decides to trust God to fight her battles, and when she does, she is finally on a journey to get her happiness. Is she ready to deal with Kori, her past, and sort out life and all that it delves out along the way?

30 DAY NOTICE by Kai Mann is a self-journey about love, life, forgiveness and hope. Kori had to recognize that in order to become who she was meant to be, she needed to experience what life was offering, even the heartaches, the setbacks, and the bouts of depression.

When I opened this book, I was not a happy reader. It’s obvious, and I’m just being honest, that while Kai loves the written word, she didn’t seek the guidance of an editor. There is absolutely no timeline, so you never quite know how much time has passed unless the character tells you. There are misspelled words, wrong word usage, tense issues, and wrong or missing punctuation. I also dreaded the fact that the story detailed minute things (ex: I walked to the car, I put the key in the door, I opened the door, I put the key in the ignition.) Then there were parts of the story that were repetitive and contradictory. I had to put the book down. After speaking to one of my book sisters, I was more determined to get back on my reading flow. I picked the book back up and was able to finish it in one sitting. Kai’s testimony, despite the issues mentioned, is compelling. And I was happy to see that throughout each and every battle, she grew and remembered that with God all things were possible.

While I think that 30 DAY NOTICE could be a blessing for young women dealing with issues with their sexuality, depression, self-love, and trying to find themselves, I would highly recommend Kai first seek the assistance of both copy and developmental editors.

Reviewed by: Crystal

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5.0 out of 5 stars          best book, December 16, 2012
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This review is from: 30 Day Notice (The Eviction Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)

This is probably the best book I had read all year, from dilemma to girl in the mirror and various others, this was my favorite!!!!

Author Kai Mann takes her audience on a emotional ride as we follow her torrid love affairs, friendship betrayals and life’s ultimate lesson…learning to love yourself. She keeps you on the edge of your seat with the suspense of what will happen next as she takes a journey through love, hopelessness, faith and rehabilitation. The vulnerability, honesty and rawness will leaving you wanting more.

The Touch Artist
A Great Life changing experience,August 7, 2012

This review is from: 30 Day Notice: The Eviction Chronicles (Paperback)

All I can say is Awesome story, awesome gift and definately an inspiration to everyone that reads this book. There’s nothing like reading a book that moves you and inspires you at the same time. Speaking about Life is never easy but it’s definately a release to those that utilize their gift to do so.
30 Day Notice tells the story of so many people’s lives who are looking for love and discovering life at the same time. I found myself in several of the situations that the main character Kori went through throughout the book. It’s always funny how people feel that their life story is worst than everyone elses but after hearing so many I’ve come to realize that we are all dealt some bad hands in life but the bigger challenge is how you make use of the hand to serve your life’s purpose or achieve your dreams.
30 Day Notice allows readers to discover themselves and will hopefully provoke change in those dealing with the challenges of living in the world.
I loved the fact that regardless of all the struggles, Kori would always come back to her faith and acknowledge that the Creator was constantly working on her. The love of God should be the center in all of our lives because without it there is really no place for us to comeback to. 30 Day Notice did so many things for me in the 2 days it took to read it. It solidified my thoughts of being on the right path and living my dream as a writer. Writers are put here to inspire and Kai Mann definately did it the right way. So im telling everyone I Love to read this book and I hope that it moves you just as much as it moved me….Support your local Authors! the one’s at the top already have millions of fans 🙂 We Want Next!!!! Erica Coleman Author of Dying To Be Loved

Posted May 8, 2012

Must Read!!!! Full of surprises!

After Chapter 1, I was hooked! The book pulls you in and you become the main character’s biggest advocate. Her success, pain, and hardships become your own. The twists, turns, and suspense keep you addicted to reading the next word.

Review by: Paula Robinson                            on May 03, 2012             :                            starstarstarstarstar            I just loved it!                                             (reviewed within a month of purchase)Review by: Paula Robinson                            on May 03, 2012             :            (no rating)                                    I believe this book is a best seller!!  I didn’t want to put the book down!  I think many people will be able to relate to different situations that happened in the book being good or bad.  After reading 30 Day Notice,you will pay closer attention to things that are going on in your life!  Loved it!4.0 out of 5 stars J Paul Ghetto Book Review,April 14, 2012

J Paul Ghetto (On the Gold Coast in Detroit) – See all my reviews
This review is from: 30 Day Notice: The Eviction Chronicles (Paperback)

30 DAY NOTICE is the first work of fiction by Kai Mann. I love this novel! It works on so many levels for me as a reader, as a writer and as a man.
Kai Mann draws the reader into a world that many of us don’t understand or simply refuse to acknowledge, as protagonist Kori Maitland gives a first person account of her trials and triumphs.
As a writer, I marveled at a work of fiction that feels like an autobiography and is devoid of distractions that many first time novelist unknowingly present to readers because their work is not properly proof read or because they employ cliches to develop their plots. Kai Mann has none of that in her work of fiction. The work flows effortlessly, as the protagonist unblinkingly gives account of her life. The way the novel is constructed makes for an enjoyable unpredictable read.
As a man, I discovered a subculture that exist just below the level of most men’s awareness, a world that many men refuse to contemplate. As a man of a certain age, I received an education about the world of women.
30 Day Notice is a great first work. Kai Mann is a writer with a unique voice that time will verify. I look forward to her next novel.

5.0 out of 5 stars Its an amazing book!,April 17, 2012
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This review is from: 30 Day Notice: The Eviction Chronicles (Paperback)

30 day notice is a very exciting book! It took me 3 days to finish reading it and i have to say..it was amazing! Once I started reading it couldn’t put the book down! I would recommend this book to anyone! I even let my daughter read the book too and she loved it!

This review is from: 30 Day Notice (Kindle Edition)

30 Day Notice takes us through the trials and tribulations of a lesbian woman who leaves her husband and children to find herself. In the interim her faith is tested when she is faced with many life lessons about independence, friendship, betrayal and love.
Kori Maitland is given thirty days notice to deal with the end of a five-year relationship, since her partner, Layla Bradford, has decided to move away and start fresh elsewhere without her. As her world begins to crumble, Kori must make some hasty decisions as to what she wants to do with her life. Faced with an eviction, a pending car repossession and the end of a temporary work assignment, Kori has no choice but to return to Detroit to stay with her friend, Jay. This move proves to be even more detrimental as Kori soon finds herself in situation after compromising situation, and she slowly learns the importance of taking heed to instincts, warnings and “notices”.
30 Day Notice was a good read, but needed stronger character development and a little more of a backstory. It’s easy to sympathize with Kori’s circumstances as we have all been there when just as you get a leg up, someone knocks it out from under you. The key, as we are shown in this novel, is to get back up again. Kai Mann has managed to tell a very engaging story that makes you take a look within to deal with your own personal issues. This is the first part of The Eviction Chronicles, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Kai has in store for us next time around.
Michelle Cuttino AAMBC Reviewer

Via Facebook (Rhonda Fulcher)
As I finish my last few pages of 30 Day Notice I find myself referencing(folding pages) back to pages 63,125,126,127,138, 171 208 ect, … As if  author was telling my story( despite the difference in sexuality).Its amazing how Kori rose above all life challenges (lovers & deceiving friends) and had the courage to PUSH forward.  Great read looking forward to more of U.     This will remain with me forever……..
4.0 out of 5 stars rollercoaster ride of emotions,February 26, 2012
This review is from: 30 Day Notice (Kindle Edition)

rolling with emotions thru kori’s journey from downs to lows to getting knocked on her butt. I was reeling as author kai Mann took me to places in my own heart I had not seen in years and old closets of my past I never wanted to open again. yet just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse kori is given air of newness and a better life. Mann certainly shows thru 30day notice you must go thru storms in order to get your special rainbows. good job for a first time author.

Andrea Latimore
You will love this book if you’re on a journey to find “self”!  It reflects the relationship we have with ourselves, friends and family.  Sometimes we live as the person people think we should be, when it should be about who you truly are  and your happiness.  The character Kori makes us all take a real good look at ourselves and those around us.  Things aren’t always what they seem!   Awesome book Kai Kaiology Mann!
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Story!,February 22, 2012
By Tamra Henderson (Detroit, Mi USA) – See all my reviews
This review is from: 30 Day Notice: The Eviction Chronicles (Paperback)

How often can you actually say that you can totally relate to a story. I found myself enjoying this story like you would a good cup of coffee. I first read a few pages and put it down, read a few more and then put it back down. I realized I was doing this because I was digesting the story and it forced me to take my time with it. Finally I finished the book in 4 hours because I couldn’t take the suspense in not knowing how the story was going to end. I thing the author did a excellent job in captivating the audience with each word, not to mention the underline life lessons that everyone can relate too. Encore! Encore!

Identification,February 14, 2012

By Drea LionessSee all my reviews This review is from: 30 Day Notice

One of the main reasons I enjoyed this piece of art was because, I truly identified with the character. It felt like real life. The reactions to the incidents that happen to Kori were authentic. She reflected what most women go through when faced with what they believe is love, but having all the signs in front of them that tells them to pump the brakes. Devastation and how we recover from that is what Kori taught me. Real and confirming is what 30 Day Notice was for me.

philly-carla reviewed 30 Day Notice on Amazon.com

Page Turning and Intriguing                 February 9, 2012

I am very excited to read the first of the Eviction Chronicles. The author places you on full blast from beginning to the end. Each word allows the reader to feel and connect the passion, sympathy, anger and resentment but ultimately knowing and realizing even when the chips are down God is amazing and He does know what he is doing even though we may not. But nonetheless, I am very interested in reading the next saga and encounters of Ms. Kori Maitland.

Nisha  Great Book, February 8, 2012

WOW!! Great book! Well written I could feel and understand all the emotions the main character when through, joy and the pain. Great job!!

Kori’s story could belong to so many,January 16, 2012

Katt WSee all my reviews

Kia Mann has a true gift, and I am so glad she decided to share it with the world!
30 Day Notice pulls you in starting at the prologue. Kori Maitland’s story is riveting; sucking you in, keeping you turning pages, and making you forget whatever else you should be doing at the time(at least it did for me).
I’m glad to know that 30 Day Notice is just the first book in the Evection Chronicles, I can’t wait for the next installment

Author Phette Ogburn

“It Can Happen To You”


What a good and thought-provoking story. I found that I was questioning myself throughout the book: Am I living a lie? Am I living the life that I think I should? I love books that spark something in me causing me to dig deep. Like you, I too believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. A lesson is a lesson is a lesson. It’s all about what one does w/that lesson that matters. Kori just needed to sit herself still and be by her dang on self for a minute. & stop falling for them damn red bones…(I’m not bitter, really. I love being brown…LOL). After reading that, the nuggets I’m walking away with are: be grateful, be thankful, my situation may not be as bad as someone else’s, but it’s mine, confront your issues head-on – no matter how painful, trust yourself and have faith because GOD has a plan for you and it will manifest itself when you allow him to do so.

Lorenda Barber (Ventura, CA) says:

My Review after reading 30 DAY NOTICE (twice)   I absolutely loved this book! It reminded me of the lyrics sung by Roberta Flack, “Strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words”. Yes! This book is written about a girl named “Kori” but I would swear I was reading parts of my own life. WELL DONE Kai, WELL DONE!   I really love how Kori’s life moves forward with …moments of very colorful back tracks to her past, helping you understand who she was and who she is becoming. Wow! She is a strong black woman. Even in her stages of confusion and pain, she is strong. I know this strength. I cant help but love her charactor. Im pulled into her. Im on the edge of my seat wanting more. Page after page. I want more. I need to see how she weathers through each pitstop of her unpredictable life, that is obviously mapped out by a Higher Power. My faith is increased! I cried with her. I laughed with her. Heck, I wanted to stand with her and help her kick Jay’s butt. (im just saying). But more than anything I love her endurance and willingness to Push through. I loved her sincere trust and belief in God. Her willingness to pray and her push to never give up on her dream. I agree with “Karen, Kori youre a King…..   Im inspired to write again…… Great book!! “applauding and giving you a standing ovation, Kai”

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