>What’s Your Story

>Hey Sistah what’s your story
Have you traded in your Crown & Glory
Just entered a class called knowledge 101
Just asking questions and the questions have just begun
Are you an Aristocrat or are you Bougey
Or are you just hanging around acting like a Flussy
Are you well ed-u-ma-cated or just getting by on life
Your question is you want to know “why”
Why am I asking these questions about you
Cause life is short and I know that I do
I want to know about my Sistahs where they’ve been and where they’re going
I want to hear who they’ve become
I want to know “What’s your Story”
Is life breathing upon you the scent of Jasmine & Patchouli
Are you getting that natural high that life gives you truly
Or are you just stopping by not learning a thing
Not enjoying the experiences that life usually brings
Are you living the life you can be proud of
Are you just out there or are you giving love
Is your body a temple with jewels & pearls
Is your spirit broken cause you’ve dated all the girls
Is your mind adorned with gold & silver or is it just hanging in the balance between the
mental and the physical
Are you being the best that you can be or are you just being the best that someone else wants
Is your life truly yours, straight out the box
Or has the closet closed you in with fears & taunts
Do you give love just to receive love or because love was earned
or do you just say its love because that what you’ve learned
Do you give your mind, body, & soul or do you use it like goods bought & sold
Is the pain I see in your eyes from days of old or is that you pain has made you cold
Do you walk around with your head held high
Or is it that you want us to believe nothings gone array
Do you smile when you feel like crying
Or do you smile so we won’t see you dying
Is the true essence of you trying to reach out
Or is it that your essence is gone making you want to shout
When you lay your head down at night
Do your dreams come easy taking flight
Or do you lay on your pillow and cry
Because everything you are makes you hold your head towards the sky
Do you want to run and free yourself daily
Getting out of this hell running from the melee
Is there Heaven on your earth
Or has the hell you’ve received calls for a rebirth
Do the days seem longer and the nights much shorter
Or do you long for your Mother & her for her Daughter.


>Do you celebrate others when their blessings are flowing or do you decide that their joy is too much for you to handle and you allow the spirit of Jealousy to control you?

Do you lend your support to others in need or do you think about that time when no one was there for you and use that to control your decision?

When you see another trying to do better do you encourage them and tell them that they can do it or do you use that energy to remind them of their past instead of helping them change their future?

Each and every one of us has the right to the love & encouragement from another but we have to put aside our own insecurities to do so. Go out and lift someone up!

>Life Lessons

>The hardest thing in the world is to try to teach a person something that they do not wish to learn about…”Life”. When you are immature you think that you know all the answers but really you have not been asked all the questions. Giving way to the impartation of wisdom, knowledge, and experience is detrimental to oneself. How could you know that though, you have not been in the world that long. Life has not even been breathed into your soul, you’re breathing off the air that someone else gave. When you have graduated from the school of life, you’ll not only know how to breathe your own air but how to go out and get it. Mistakes are made by all but the priority to not acknowledge one’s mistakes are damning. It is a mystery of how someone could be around so much positive energy & not be affected by it. I’ve seen it and am awestruck that someone would not take something with them positive and continuely strive for the best. Life lessons get harder as you get older and if you are not prepared for it, it will surely crush you. When you think about how people can repeat classes in school because they didn’t get it right the first time, life is exactly the same way but sometimes you don’t get a second chance. Hopefully you will; but know this, when you don’t get the lesson the first time you are doomed to repeat it until you do….

>Rose Colored Glasses

>It can not be said enough that life is truly the best teacher. Maybe the shedding of the rose colored glasses is a way of “Self Preservation”. The things we’ve learned, those lessons that keeps you from repeating history, teaching you to do things differently, to experience new things but remembering the past so we don’t ruin our future. As you get older the openness that you once felt seeps a little from your heart, almost becoming jaded. Seeing things at times from experienced eyes has its positive and negative rewards. At times like seeing the future. We all say that we wish we knew what our future held but do we really want to know; and if we did, could we take it or would we try to change it? No more rose colored glasses, things seems so clear at times, but then again, what do you do with the truth? Do we allow it to resonate in our spirits and make decisions from it, or do we even trust that spirit in us to do what we need to do?

>Seeing the Future In Love

>Seeing forever…The day that you can not see in love past today what then? If you can’t see past tomorrow in Love what does that mean? Does that mean that forever is not in the cards? Does it mean when you don’t say “When we grow old” that you won’t? Does it mean that you don’t want to? I know that love can not see the future but does it not try?


>I know you, lover of a specific kind. so gentle and patient . I know that you love unconditional; that you give all just so your mate can be all and have all. You stop short of nothing than giving all of your time, your precious thoughts of purity and hope. You hold your mate to the highest of esteem. You love the Creator, the Lord above that you spare none of his words to behold your mate as if they were the King of all Jerusalem. You take care in everything that you do. You let love guide your thoughts, your being, and your steps. You are careful with your words to bring nothing but joy to the one you love. I should do nothing more than thank God for creating you & your Mother for being a vessel that carried you, that taught you, and that loved you!

>Love A Selfless Act

>Have you ever loved someone so much that you wanted to be part of everything in their life? You wanted to share everything, I mean every little thing. One woman’s smoothering is another woman’s longing. Love is the ultimate thing that you can give another. It’s not a sacrifice its a pleasure. A pleasure to be in the presence of the one that has your eye. A fairy-tale of sorts when the world belongs only to the the two of you to live in it as you please. Love is the most magnanimous thing to give & be yourself. One can express the things of selflessness, of purity. Faith in love has never changed nor wavered. The inner most parts of you given only to one to explore and find new things in you, in love. How deep can one’s feelings get if you allow love to grow. How deep can one be if that growth beginning with self grows to another. Emotions of intensity exploding and imploding within & without. When you walk past love you can’t help but see it, if you walk close enough to it, you can feel it. It illuminates within until the whole place is lit up like stars light the sky. It gives you enough light to see when its dark & when the stars are few it still guides you. Love keeps you when life has worn you down. As life turns you older and you have loved someone it makes you stand by their side no matter what. Love allows you to wait patiently because you know its worth it. Love gives you the tenacity to take care of someone’s heart, body, mind, & soul when you know the other can not. Love calls you home at the end of the day, it gives you hope. It fills your heart with predestined thoughts of forever. One day with love will give you years of happiness. Passion in love never wanes. The embers continue to burn never going out; sometimes smoldering through life’s journey. Who can love forever. I can. I can love all my days with a love so dear and precious that you know it within yourself.

>So Open & Honest

>Have you ever met someone who was so open & honest about themselves and life? The kind of honesty & openness that seem to almost overwhelm you, it touched you so deep that you almost didn’t want to share them with anyone. The purest, most rare quality in someone that you could almost not believe but there was something inside…deep inside that compelled you to. It made your heart feel invincible, your mind refreshed and renewed. The openness & honesty gave you hope and taught you something you’d never regret or forget. Have you ever?

>Thoughts & Feelings

>We often put our thoughts and feelings out into the universe not to have them judged or scrutinized but in hopes of connecting with someone, or to share bits & pieces of who we are as a person, or to even gain knowledge or insight of others or life itself. Sometimes its just to see how others react or the information they have to share. Ive learned to not discount people because they don’t share the same qualities that I have, or they don’t share the same views as I, but the lesson that life deals with us individually & someone else’s life or opinion can be just as valuable. You ever really listen to people & wonder why they responded as they did or feel the way that they do? We all come from different backgrounds & walks of life and some of us haven’t been afforded the same opportunities good or bad that another has. Whatever the opportunity; Positive or negative has shaped & molded us into the person we are today. Live & Let Live…God Bless!

>Queens All Around Me

>Queens all around me. Beautiful! All kinds of Queens; Tall ones, short ones, middle sized ones, a little heavier than they wanna be Queens, skinny Queens. All walks of life, doing their thing. No matter what their thing is; I see you Queen! That single Mother or that one supportin’ that Brotha. I see you Queen! Light skinned Queen, Peacan Colored, Caramel Brown, that Chocolate Queen! All my Queens! I see you, you are Beautiful! Your spirit I feel..even that Queen thats also being the King. I see you Quing! I see you holdin it down taking care of home, no matter what home is. No matter who said you couldn’t do it, tryin’ ta do it, Planning to do it. You are a Queen. For every time you didn’t buy what you needed or wanted, you made sure your kids ate before you, that time you drove your kids wherever they wanted because if you didn’t who did? I see you Queen! That Queen who had to do something strange for some change cause yours needed it. I love my Queens. Especially those ones that rode the street bus everywhere with their children to do what they had to do to make it happen. Guess who loves you more my Queens! Hmmm…the Queens that don’t have any kids but takin care of themselves and ain’t lookin for nobody to hand them a thing, “It would be nice but I got it”. Them Queens! Those Queens who look like they got it all together but if you talked to them you’d know you were wrong Queens. They are Queens too! I don’t know if yall know but its time to lift “ALL” Queens up and be there and make a union, a circle , some wings, some comfort to one another. Queens rule the world but if we don’t stick together the world will be lost. Whatever kind of Queen you are, get with another Queen & lift her up and after you’ve lifted her up, find another Queen and do the same, and so on and so on!!!

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