My God, is that me?

“At Some point, we have to open our own closet, look inside at the skeletons and begin to examine them one by one.” -Kai Mann

Standing in the shadows of ourselves those in close proximity like mirrors hold images in which we can see ourselves through their actions. My God, is that me? Do I do that? Sometimes the answer is “yes” and a bit of shame washes over me like a tide racing back to shore after a storm. It’s a good thing to hold space with yourself. To see where errors lie. How they look from the outside in makes you want to change the behavior quicker because you know it ain’t for the right thing. Patience is truly a virtue. Now that you learn to hold space with yourself you have enough empathy to hold it for others. Time offers so much when you’re ready to see the patterns from the past that you’ve laid for yourself. I am grateful every time I have the opportunity to add to my awareness of self, and I know it’s because the winding of the clock’s ticking tock downward that allows me a look back. I do it boldly as if it is time to get it right especially because of the next lifetime and how I would like to enter it. This knowledge with years before resonating ancient history belonging to me continues the levels of consciousness and I want to ensure that I don’t come back through this portal to relearn things I didn’t get before. I’m here and ready to learn. Thank you Great & Mighty Spirit for all of the lessons. They are so much appreciated. 

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