Do you feel it?

There is so many ways that you can look at life but the first thing to always do is ask yourself, “What are my intentions?” How you look at something will tell what your intentions are.  Just to safeguard yourself that is the first thing you should not hesitate to ask “you”, yourself.

How you feel about a thing is neither right nor wrong, it IS, what it IS. It’s how you feel and it is okay to feel the way that you do. So remember, there is no right way or wrong way to feel. When we understand what we truly feel and why we feel that way we can decide if we had any reason to feel this way or even not feel the way which is supposedly expected.  We gotta stop using big ass paint brushes over everything.  Some things need to be painted with a small, thin brush.  That is why feelings are neither right, nor wrong. 

When we want to go even deeper, we take a step across the street to the other person’s side or we just ask ourselves to be honest about what we see when we remember what we’re looking at. When we begin to look at people in their traumas and triggers, we can also understand that it was not us but all of the demons they face or not face, they acted out on you. So, for whatever reason people are how they are until they face the things they need to, they will always act out on you. You have to decide how you will handle it and that tells exactly if you’re elevating, moving forward, stuck or not.  It tells you what you need to work on if you feel some kind of guilt behind it, if you’re doing it because you want to be an asshole, or you’re just plain ole’ okay with it.  It is all about your feelings and they will give way to your intentions.

It’s good here. The conversations around me have shifted and elevated and I love it. It wasn’t like it wasn’t before, but this is on a whole other level. I’m loving it here.

I’m doing everything and when something didn’t get done I used to have anxiety. Heart palpitations and all.  I used to feel so bad. Then I realized that I have this need to create experiences. I’ve said to myself that I’m not really creative. Not in a way of design but I like to design experiences and sometimes the weight of that can be heavy. The extreme to that is not caring and because you love your lifestyle what you are beginning to cultivate for yourself there is a bit of commercialism in it as well. But I know what I want to manifest and it is more of a relaxed vibe filled with happiness, dancing, living and laughing. I can’t do that wild obnoxious thing anymore. It’s time to live, especially if you haven’t already. But the only way that you can do that is if you have dealt with all that you need to deal with or started the work.  It’s beautiful. I love the type of conversations where you can teach and learn and at the same time the person you are conversing with doesn’t mind being either while you’re the other. It becomes an equal exchange. It is soooooo beautiful here.

Where my healers at?

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