What If This “Is” The Way

Today, in this evening is shared moments between baby boy and I. I haven’t called him that but he and I are sharing space right now and it’s actually quite beautiful. The sun is going down and on the TV is

And Bosley is going back and forth between he and I to play as we each get tired as she is making us, well me, use a bunch of energy. I just want to chill. Can’t I just throw it and you go get it. Why you gotta not let it go and want to do tug of water. Her tail is wagging. She don’t know that I’m not a puppy too. That’s what it feels like. Whew!

Maybe this is better. Maybe this way is best. Sometimes we mourn for paths not taken when maybe this path was taken by design? Maybe this was the best way out of all the ways. After careful consideration. Consciously and Subconsciously. Our brain sees everything even things we don’t notice or consider. It’s because it would be a lot to retain without losing good data too. We would consistently be in a space of “Not-knowing” Because there would always be access to all kinds of information at one time. “TMI” came from here. But our minds analyze trillions of pieces of data so maybe just maybe even though some times were so difficult you didn’t know if you would make it but part of the plan was to get to the place that would ultimately lead to the best outcome possible. And that was it, and you had to go through some of the things you’ve gone through but the outcome was guaranteed.

What if this “was” the plan even how f_@√€£ up it seems. This was the best way out of a trillion other ways.

What if it was meant, the beginning of our paths and the roads taken. The roads that we take and the places they lead. I suppose they go as they are met because this was the path chosen before the journey started. Why would we torture ourselves and others to take a path that we don’t know what the goal of that Soul is. That is not our contract to fill but what if? Can you imagine your life differently now?

My Mercury in ♎ and ♎ Rising in the 12th house want me to look at that another way. What if we did know what another person’s Soul Goal is because we knew that person’s life path and we could help guide them to or back to the path for their journey. The thought came to me is that everyone couldn’t do that because they don’t know their own path and would be trying to tell you yours. As they do now, but what if the path you’re on was the best path out of all paths? Would you still do anything differently?

I wouldn’t. This is beautiful. Sitting here long ways on the couch. My Sun, sitting on the shorter end although his legs are the longest. He’s playing his game with his covers across his legs and me writing a blog. Sometimes we want to tell ourselves how much we’ve missed when we chose a different path but maybe that was an original part of the plan that we’re playing out because we chose the best way and this was it. That it gets better because we know we win. We know we get the best outcome. Do we feel sorry for those that don’t know that and hate they’re lives thus causing a shift in the plan that takes them off course. 🤔 or is that part of the plan too.

One different answer to any question could change the destination to this very moment that I’m grateful for. A lot of right things had to happen for this moment to occur and maybe even some negative ones as well. I wouldn’t give anything for it. I think I’m able to say that for the first time. We carry so much guilt about life that we can’t even live. Forget the other people that try to hold us into that guilt until we get up outta here. We place our own foot on our own necks. That’s something to let go of. We don’t need nothing else holding us down. This is the best and if it’s not then we need to find a way to make it so, so that we can be in a better place before it’s over. Don’t nobody want to go out like that.

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