A Dream of Projection and Rejection

I had a vivid dream; which most of my dreams are but, this one was different. After sitting with the dream after waking up this is what I came to.I was at this place working I believe. It was a big area with sidewalks between buildings. It was like a community of buildings like a production company with studios. I was in one of the buildings and a woman, with money or status did something to me and in reaction I did something in return. It wasn’t physical but right afterwards I left. I’m not sure if it was just us in this building when it happened or a few others that were less than one or two. I just walked away and went to the next building and as soon as I walked in I was told that I had to leave and I asked why and they said it was because of the lady I had just left not only minutes ago and already these people were telling me I had to go. Mind you the circumstances surrounding my encounter with her was based off of something she did to me originally. It was something actually that we both could’ve cleared up with an apology but even when I went to the next building after that to say “bye” to some people that I knew none of them wanted to say “bye” in fact they treated me cold, looked at me with disdain and wouldn’t hug me goodbye. I was shocked because not only had this woman did something to me and I said something back and people who I had known almost all of my life or had known for quite some time had turned their backs on me. Many of them who were not even in the room when the incident happened. Not to mention this had seemed to have been less than five minutes ago and the incident had spread like wildfire. I was in total shock of how people had seemed to love me so much one minute had turned their backs on me literally the very next minute and they weren’t even in the room when it happened. When I woke up from the dream I could really feel the pain of knowing that people I had known, gone to school with, worked with, did favors for, shared moments with and such, had said they loved me and would treat me in that way. But there’s a couple of lessons in this dream. One is that you cannot get fed off of the praises of others because they can take them back at anytime you make a mistake or they think that you have done something without proof or even being there when it happens. The other is that this is done all of the time to people. People lose their relationships, careers, or livelihood based off of the words of someone of prominence, popularity or power and others not knowing any of the situation will jump on the bandwagon even those you love and who loved you will turn their backs on you and that’s why you must get full on yourself. Love yourself, and learn to detach from the opinions good or bad, positive or negative with regard to others because at any moment others can take their love and anything else they believe they gave you away: and if you haven’t filled your own cup up with love, compassion and understanding you will lose yourself. One of the other lessons or way of thinking about the dream was that what the lady said or did to me was probably a projection of her own ‘fear’ of whatever and I fell into the trap and lost the respect of others very quickly. Either way you look at it as well as the lessons learned, the possibility of the end result being others walking away and your having to be detached enough and love yourself enough to keep going no matter what.

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