A Trip to Barnes & Noble

One of my favorite things to do is going to the bookstore. I can spend hours in Barnes & Noble. Ask me where much of my money goes, ‘Books’. I can easily spend $70 or more on one visit and trust me I buy books on sale 😉. I walk back and forth because all the books seem to call my name. It’s as if they’re saying “pick me, pick me.” I look at the cover, flip through them, read some of the pages, and I even smell them. It’s a habit ☺. Sometimes I have a hard time choosing which ones to take now and which ones to leave. 😢 I have moved many times and the one thing that is constant is my books; they move everywhere with me. My dream is to have a room built like a library in my home with wall to wall and ceiling to floor books. Big high back comfy chairs with foot stools in the middle of the room and a coffee/tea machine where I sip tea or coffee and sit for hours reading. I think that’s the next thing I’m going to manifest. 🤔

Music: Secret Sauce
By: Jef

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