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Candace is a nationally recognized and respected business and thought leader whose expertise spans multiple disciplines, including but not limited to innovative business strategy, business certification, procurement, technology, compliance, program operations, real estate law, medical facilities management, diversity and inclusion, varying industry trends, management best practices and mindfulness leadership. Candace is a purpose driven leader whose passion is fueled by the desire to assist others in living their best life, now. Her servant-leader approach and willingness to lead with vulnerability allows her inspire others to build meaningful connections while reaching and often surpassing their goals. She has served in many leadership roles, both in the for profit and non-profit arena where she has influenced and impacted the way business is done with diverse firms across the globe. A quintessential-renaissance woman, cancer survivor and student of life, many lessons have led her to a multi-tiered life approach of Strategic Leadership, Mindfulness Well-being and a Live Intentionally Lifestyle. Additionally, she has received many awards and recognition for her tireless work and being a leading business subject matter expert. She currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area enjoys reading, the culinary arts, sports and scuba diving. With a mission to break the glass ceiling of life, Candace Waterman is a creative and dynamic force to be reckoned with!

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