I wish I could’ve

I won’t always be here

I want to leave

my words

in the air

as they hang

like notes

soothing the ear

to a gentle


just long


to hear

what’s for you

I pray you

hear me

when I talk to


I stand with


and if I could’ve

only had someone

to tell me

the things

I tell you

but I guess this

is how it’s

supposed to be

I lost her a long time


but now I worry

that I don’t know

that I might’ve

lost you too

I hope you hear


when I

talk to you

I try to adjust

my tone

as I’m learning

just like


and sometimes

at the same

time as you

in my own way

but someone has

to do what’s

Right so we

can tell the other

how good it is

I love you so much

this the best

way I know


it’s my way

I hope you know


The one thing we can’t


is tell the future

allow room for one

one that you want

to live


and not under stress

you can make it as hard

or as easy

as you want

slow down ~KaiologyInk

#Kaism #Kai2pointO


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