Poet Feature~ David L. Watkins

A Young Man’s Advice

I told my friends, “My girl’s pregnant – looks like I’m gonna be a father.”

Pookie shook his head and said, “You still with her; why bother?”

The fellas all joined Pookie with laughter and derision.

I softly spoke, “This ain’t  no joke. I’ve come to my decision.

I’m the oldest on this block, so let me put in my two cents.”

The fellas sat in silence, but the atmosphere was tense.

I waited for a moment…my head was tilted skyward.

“First of all, my brothers-I promised-I gave my word.

I said ‘Baby, stick with me. My life is in reversal’

She said, ‘It’s got to be real. It’s not just a rehearsal’

So, listen to me fellas. She’s the only one.

And what they found on the ultra sound – Ima have a son !

(Do the right thing for her and the child that she’s carried)

So, fellas, let me tell you…your boy secretly got married.”

Moondog took out his toothpick. He said, “Your son ain’t royalty.”

I replied, “He may not wear a crown, but I will show him loyalty.

I wish my dad had been there during my growing years.

Maybe he could have helped me to stop these flowing tears.”

Eightball looked shocked; his head was cocked.

He asked me, “Man, you’ve cried?!”

I nodded as I told them all, “At times I wished I’d died.

Frustration and depression – just words that mean you’re sad.

I’m just sayin’ I’ve been prayin’ that I could see my dad.

He was still young when he left us. But that is where he failed.

Mom couldn’t compete. He loved the street.

But that street life had him jailed.

The streets had him hooked every way he looked.

He was bruised and accused and finally booked.

And now he’s doing thirty years, so don’t tell me I can’t shed tears.

So I’m gonna treat my son as if he were nobility.

I’ll help his mama all I can for his upward mobility.

And if he wants to join a gym or club, I’ll tell him, ‘Sign up- ’cause the

worst thing you can do, son, is end up in a line-up’.

I’ll help him with his history, his science and his diction.

But most of all: advice, to avoid a court conviction.

The fellas left me by myself. I hope they listened well to me.

‘Cause I’m the oldest on this block…that the guards call Cell Block D.


david's picAuthor: David L. Watkins

Publisher: DLW Publishing

Website: http://dlwpublishing.com/

Genre: Children’s Books

Twitter: @davidwatkins617

Amazon Author Page: David L. Watkins

Facebook Page: BooksbyDavid

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