Eclectic Thoughts

In order to get out alive

you have to have







you have to open up

your soul

and let everything


even if you got a second


would you want to take


Don’t get me wrong

It’s not to say

that I don’t

love life

I do

but I don’t

want to keep

doing it over

I wonder what it was for him

all of us have it

but some of us

know how

to control


Those that hold on by a string

hold on a little bit longer

is all that I can

tell you

change the way

you think

no need to keep

getting the

same result

switch up

If I could help


I will

Sometimes your soul

don’t want to

sometimes it’s hard

to tell if you


you want to hold on

just to see

but then



keep moving forward

you’ll get stuck

It’s a dilemma

because I don’t

always know

if it’s real

because if it ain’t

I gotta keep

moving ~ Eclectic Thoughts, Pen To Paper ~ A Walk Into Destiny © Kai Mann


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