You’ve got to do some work

I’m trying to continue in a positive


trying to dismiss and not stuff


the negative that wants to try

and choke me out

I remind myself what God

has already done

I didn’t think

that I would have to sit back

at times

and go hard on others

I didn’t know what it would

look like

I’m not complaining

but you’ve got to do some work

you gotta go to a place so deep

deep in your soul

not your heart because it’s too


but that place that takes

you to another level

A level you know is there

and you just want

to see what that’s like

You have to give yourself

some leeway

it’s not all going to be perfect

sometimes it will

and it’ll be worth it

but it’s not going to happen

every time

but you have to keep trying

it’s there.

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