I Shall Rise

I Shall Rise

Love sought out like it was a drug

Alone but not lonely though

Mind filled with chatter

somewhere along the lines

the chatter stopped

I don’t know the exact date

I just remember the last time

I remember a time when I

was deep

when my thoughts were deep

Where I thought down to

the reason why I should do something

Or not

I don’t know where I stopped

I just want to be a little more controlled over my thoughts

I want to be able to tell

tell when one starts and the other stops


I just want to make better

better choices in life

I want to hear you when you talk

I don’t want to misunderstand anything you say

I’ve  made a lot of mistakes

I’m tired of doing that

I want to do something


So I’m listening

I am listening out for your words

I want to feel them so deep

That I know it’s you

I want to listen to myself

When I speak

I don’t want to listen out for the words only

I want to hear what I am saying

So I know what I mean

like you know what I mean

I just want to go a little bit deeper

I don’t mean this in a bad way

I just know that time is short and I want

to do better faster

I don’t want to waste

a minute

wouldn’t it be nice

If the world was that way

Just more real and honest

3 thoughts on “I Shall Rise

  1. Happy Birthday to you from Sylvia McClain I did not know it was your birthday


    1. Thanks Sylvia! Yes, yesterday, October 30th was my birthday. Thank you!


  2. Thought provoking


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