Flow “Between Places”




I’ve always been able to flow in between places. Not too much and not too little. I think I’ve learned to let myself “be” instead of judging every movement I’ve done. I realize that while I’m sitting scrutinizing myself, they leave you, they betray you, and sometimes life just happens so why not just be yourself? If you can’t, then so long. Maybe if you were yourself then you wouldn’t be so hurt in the end after all that work.

You have to know that you’re part of the problem too. Leading people on making them think you’re something you’re not so you have to hide who you are like aliens trying to be humans.

There’s no wonder relationships and even some friendships end the way that they do. We’ve gotta do better.  I think I’ma start with me!

1 thought on “Flow “Between Places”

  1. starting with “me” is great, while you are at it, you might as well go for perfect as well!

    Mathew 5:48



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