Life will come to do what it’s supposed to do

PhotoXpress: Sergey Galushko
PhotoXpress: Sergey Galushko

Today started out like any other day, until I did my normal routine of checking for reviews on my first novel.  It would happen at the very moment that my second novel is to come out that I would receive a very negative review. I had to laugh at myself because my first reaction was “Huh?” I thought maybe the reviewer had placed the wrong review on my book’s page.  Shocked by the review, I realized that it was real.  I sent the link to the three people who mattered most with regards to my book; my editor, my #1 fan, and my partner.  I decided in that moment that I was going to be okay and that this is something to be expected because everyone is not going to like everything. I had a good laugh about it and then asked myself “What are you going to do about it?” I told myself that I would press on and let it roll down my back just enough to keep me in check; to keep me motivated, to work harder, and to do better.

For the past two years, the Creator has been toughening my spirit so to speak. He has been preparing me for the trials that are going to come because I know that there will be many. He has been putting down in my spirit all of the necessary tools I’ll need to do my job. He has also been faithful to place the right people in my midst to help me to continue on. You see, I believe in my heart that I have a purpose as a messenger and I cannot let anything get in the way of doing that. There are going to be times that people may not agree with what I am doing or what I have to say but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I say it.

One of the toughest things in life is to do what you believe that you are called to do in the face of opposition.  But the key is to not question yourself, but to move forward. There will be many obstacles but I know that I must remain calm, and know that life is coming to do exactly what it is supposed to do; challenge me.

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  1. Intent: Whether the struggle is internal or external, work to increase your sensitivity to the realms of nature, human nature, and spirit. Because people differ only in the degree of their sensitivity to the One Spirit, continue to open your perceptions to more and more sublime thoughts, feelings, memories, and sensations. By recognizing that you are filled with the source of nurturance, you can calmly let all your adaptations arise from it. By giving form to the source of nurturance, you can respond to things with dignity, patience, joy, and appreciation. Because your sensitivity to the world is your strength, you can find the way to restore harmony and progress where others find only opposition and antagonism. Make the well-being of others your goal right now and you can build a coalition of allies to undertake even greater endeavors in the future. Avoid taking sides, work to bring them together. Cultivate trust in the early stages of discord, rely on your lack of self-interest in its later stages. You succeed because you bring future benefit to those separated by the past.

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